50 Idioms about Transport and Travel: Part 1

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  1. all hands on deck – immediate involvement of everyone present
  2. asleep at the wheel – not attentive
  3. at a crossroads – at a point where an important decision must be made
  4. at fork in the road – at a point where an important decision must be made
  5. backseat driver – a passenger in a car who gives unwanted advice/someone who gives unwanted advice
  6. cart before horse – in the wrong order
  7. clear the decks – to prepare for a task by getting rid of or tidying up anything that might hinder the process
  8. cool your jets! – calm down!
  9. country mile – a long distance
  10. fifth wheel – someone who is superfluous
  11. full throttle – using all the available power
  12. highways and byways – major and minor roads
  13. in the driver’s seat – in charge/control
  14. in the same boat – in similar (often difficult) circumstances
  15. itchy feat – boredom/restlessness
  16. like ships that pass in the night – people who meet fleetingly and who are unlikely to see each other again
  17. middle of the road – bland/moderate/unadventurous
  18. my way or the highway – there is no alternative way to the way I want to do things
  19. off the back of a lorry – stolen goods
  20. off the beaten track/path – an isolated or undiscovered place/away from where is popular
  21. on the home stretch – approaching the end of a task
  22. on the right/wrong track – close to/far from achieving your goal
  23. right up my alley/street – something I would be interested in
  24. road rage – anger or violence towards other drivers
  25. third wheel – someone who tags along with a couple

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15 Aug 2016
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