Boost Your Vocabulary: 150 Movement Verbs to Elevate Your Writing

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Want to make your writing more energetic? 

From a leaf trembling in the wind to an adventurer clambering up a mountain, our collection of 150 verbs includes movements big and small, fast and slow, animated and languid. These doing words will give you the tools to describe actions in a detailed way and make your storytelling more interesting.

Let’s begin…

  1. accelerate: to increase in speed or velocity
  2. ascend: to move upward, typically in a steady manner
  3. amble: to walk slowly and casually
  4. bike: to ride a bicycle 
  5. bolt: to move suddenly and rapidly
  6. bounce: to spring back after hitting a surface
  7. bound: to move forward with big leaps
  8. brake: to apply a brake to slow down or stop
  9. careen: to move swiftly and uncontrollably, often in a swaying or tilting manner
  10. catch: to intercept and hold onto something that is thrown or moving
  11. circle: to move in a circular path around a centre point
  12. clamber: to climb or move in an awkward and laborious manner
  13. climb: to move upward using hands and feet, ascending a surface or terrain
  14. coast: to move without using energy, typically downhill or along a surface
  15. crawl: to move slowly on hands and knees, or with the body close to the ground
  16. creep: to move slowly and cautiously to avoid being seen or heard
  17. cruise: to move leisurely and comfortably, often in a controlled and effortless manner
  18. cycle: to ride a bicycle 
  19. dart: to move suddenly and swiftly in a specific direction, like a quick, sudden movement
  20. dash: to move quickly and suddenly, often for a short distance
  21. dawdle: to move slowly and aimlessly, often wasting time or procrastinating
  22. descend: to move downward from a higher place or elevation
  23. dip: to lower or move downward briefly
  24. dive: to plunge headfirst into water or another surface
  25. drag: to pull something along the ground
  26. drift: to be carried along by air, water, or other forces without control
  27. drive: to operate a vehicle or push something forward with force
  28. drop: to fall or descend quickly and without control
  29. fall: to drop or move downward from a higher place 
  30. flee: to run away quickly to escape danger or pursuit
  31. flick: to make a sudden, quick movement
  32. fling: to throw something with force and without much control
  33. flit: to move lightly and swiftly from one place to another, often like a bird in flight
  34. float: to rest on the surface of a liquid without sinking
  35. flock: to move together in a coordinated manner, like a group of birds or animals
  36. flounce: to move in an exaggerated or dramatic manner, typically involving quick and bouncy movements
  37. fly: to move through the air using wings or some other means of propulsion
  38. gallop: to move in a running motion with a combination of leaps and bounds, as seen in a horse's gait
  39. gambol: to run or jump about playfully
  40. glide: to move smoothly and effortlessly
  41. haul: to pull or drag with effort
  42. hike: to walk a long distance in nature or rugged terrain 
  43. hobble: to walk with a limp or in an unsteady manner
  44. hoist: to raise or lift something, often with mechanical assistance
  45. hop: to move by jumping on one foot
  46. hover: to remain suspended in one place in the air
  47. hurdle: to jump over an obstacle while running or moving swiftly
  48. hurtle: to move or throw with great speed or force
  49. hurry: to move quickly
  50. jig: to dance or move with quick, lively steps
  51. jump: to propel oneself off the ground by using one's leg muscles and land on one's feet
  52. launch: to send or propel something into motion, often forcefully
  53. leap: to jump or spring a great distance, often with both feet leaving the ground
  54. levitate: to rise or float in the air, seemingly defying gravity
  55. limp: to walk with difficulty due to injury or imbalance
  56. lob: to throw something in a high arc
  57. lunge: to make a sudden forward movement, often in a lurching manner
  58. lurch: to move suddenly and unevenly, often to one side
  59. march: to walk with regular and purposeful steps, often in a group
  60. meander: to follow a winding and indirect path
  61. navigate: to direct the course of a vehicle or object through a particular path
  62. paddle: to move a boat through water using a paddle or oar
  63. parade: to march or walk in an organised procession
  64. pedal: to push the pedals of a bicycle or similar vehicle to make it move
  65. pitch: to throw or cast something forcefully
  66. pivot: to turn or rotate on a central point
  67. plod: to walk heavily and laboriously
  68. plummet: to fall or drop suddenly and steeply 
  69. plunge: to move or fall suddenly and forcefully into water or another substance
  70. pounce: to spring suddenly in attack or pursuit
  71. prance: to walk or move with lively, exaggerated steps
  72. prowl: to move stealthily and quietly, often like a predator searching for prey
  73. pull: to exert force on something in order to bring it closer
  74. push: to exert force on something in order to move it away
  75. quiver: to shake or tremble with slight, rapid movements
  76. ride: to sit on and control the movement of an animal, vehicle, or mechanical device
  77. rise: to move upward in a gradual or steady manner
  78. roam: to move around without a specific destination or purpose
  79. roll: to move by turning over and over
  80. row: to move a boat through water using oars
  81. run: to move swiftly on foot, faster than a walk, with both feet off the ground during each stride
  82. rush: to move or proceed quickly with urgency
  83. sail: to move a boat using wind power with the assistance of sails
  84. sashay: to walk or move in an ostentatious, confident manner, often with exaggerated hip movements
  85. saunter: to walk in a slow, relaxed manner
  86. scale: to climb something, such as a mountain or a wall
  87. scamper: to run playfully and quickly
  88. scramble: to climb or move quickly, often on hands and feet
  89. scoot: to move or slide quickly and easily, often in a sitting or crouched position
  90. scuttle: to move quickly with short, hurried steps, often in a skittish or evasive manner
  91. scurry: to move hurriedly with quick, small steps, often like a small animal
  92. shimmy: to shake or move quickly and forcefully, often in a dancing or wiggling motion
  93. shuffle: to walk without lifting the feet completely off the ground, often with a dragging motion
  94. sidle: to move sideways in a discreet or sneaky
  95. skate: to move on a smooth surface using ice skates or roller skates
  96. skid: to slide or slip sideways while moving, often due to loss of traction
  97. skim: to move quickly and lightly over a surface, often barely touching it
  98. skip: to move by hopping on one foot and then the other
  99. skitter: to move quickly and lightly with a skipping or sliding motion
  100. slalom: to navigate a course with a series of sharp turns and twists, as in skiing or racing
  101. slide: to move smoothly and without effort, often on a slippery surface
  102. slink: to move quietly and furtively, often in a guilty or secretive manner
  103. slip: to accidentally lose balance and move or fall suddenly
  104. slither: to move smoothly and quietly, often close to the ground
  105. sneak: to move quietly and secretly, often to avoid being noticed
  106. soar: to fly high in the air, often without flapping wings 
  107. somersault: to flip or roll one's body forward or backward in the air, typically with a series of rotations
  108. spin: to turn around rapidly on an axis
  109. spring: to move suddenly and rapidly in an upward or forward direction
  110. sprint: to run at top speed for a short distance
  111. stagger: to walk unsteadily or swaying from side to side, often due to exhaustion or intoxication
  112. steer: to guide the direction of movement of a vehicle or object
  113. stride: to walk confidently and purposefully
  114. stroll: to walk in a leisurely and relaxed manner
  115. strut: to walk with a proud, stiff, or swaggering gait
  116. stumble: to trip or lose one's balance while walking
  117. sway: to move back and forth gently, often in a rhythmic manner
  118. swarm: to move together in a large group, like insects
  119. swerve: to make a sudden change in direction, often to avoid an obstacle
  120. swim: to move through water using arms and legs or other movements
  121. swing: to move back and forth in a pendulum-like motion
  122. swivel: to pivot or turn around a central point
  123. swoop: to descend rapidly and directly, often in a curved path
  124. throw: to propel something through the air by hand
  125. toddle: to walk with unsteady, short steps, typically as a young child learning to walk
  126. toss: to throw something lightly or casually
  127. traipse: to walk or move around casually or aimlessly
  128. trample: to step heavily or forcefully on something
  129. tread: to walk carefully or stealthily, often on a particular surface
  130. trek: to undertake a long and arduous journey, often on foot
  131. tremble: to shake or quiver involuntarily, often due to fear, cold, or excitement
  132. trot: to move at a steady, rhythmic pace, like a horse's gait between a walk and a run
  133. trudge: to walk heavily and wearily
  134. tug: to pull something hard or suddenly
  135. tumble: to roll or fall suddenly and uncontrollably
  136. twirl: to spin or rotate rapidly, often with a graceful or playful motion
  137. twist: to turn or rotate something in a circular or winding manner
  138. twitch: to make a sudden, quick movement
  139. vault: to leap or jump over something, using one's hands or a prop for assistance
  140. veer: to change direction suddenly and sharply
  141. waddle: to walk with short steps and a rocking motion, like a duck
  142. wade: to walk through water, typically with an effort, such as in a river or shallow pool
  143. waggle: to move something, often a body part, back and forth rapidly
  144. walk: to move on foot at a normal pace, taking steps with alternate feet
  145. weave: to move in a zigzag or winding path, as if creating a pattern
  146. whirl: to spin rapidly in a circular motion
  147. wriggle: to twist and turn with small, quick movements, often resembling a snake's motion
  148. wiggle: to move with small, quick, and irregular motions
  149. wobble: to move unsteadily from side to side with a rocking or swaying motion
  150. zigzag: to move in a series of sharp turns or angles


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