American English vs. British English: The Driving Edition

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This month’s American English vs. British English blog post theme is driving

Click here to read an overview of the main differences between American English and British English spelling, and here for more detailed information.

Here are 20 American English driving-themed words and their British English counterparts:

  1. blinker, turn signal – indicator 
  2. crosswalk – zebra crossing, pedestrian crossing 
  3. crossing guard – lollipop person 
  4. detour – diversion 
  5. divided highway – dual carriageway
  6. drink driver, drink driving – drunk driver, drunk driving  
  7. driving licence – driver’s license 
  8. expressway, freeway, highway – motorway 
  9. gas, gasoline – petrol 
  10. grade crossing – level crossing 
  11. hood– bonnet 
  12. intersection, crossroad – crossroads 
  13. license plate – number plate 
  14. parking lot – car park
  15. sidewalk – pavement 
  16. tire – tyre
  17. traffic circle – roundabout 
  18. truck – lorry 
  19. trunk – boot 
  20. windshield – windscreen 

How many more can you think of?

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22 Apr 2021
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