American English vs. British English: The Clothes Edition

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Last month we shared 20 food-themed American English words and their British English counterparts. This week—in line with our Word for Wednesday theme for March —we’re looking at clothing-related words. 

Click here to read an overview of the main differences between American English and British English spellings, and here for more detailed information.

Here are 20 American English words for clothes and their British English counterparts: 

  1. coveralls – boilersuit, overalls 
  2. diaper – nappy 
  3. jumper – pinafore
  4. overalls – dungarees 
  5. panties – knickers, pants 
  6. pants – trousers 
  7. pantyhose – tights 
  8. pumps – court shoes 
  9. purse – handbag 
  10. robe, bathrobe – dressing gown
  11. sneakers – trainers 
  12. suspenders – braces
  13. sweater – jumper 
  14. sweatpants – jogging bottoms, joggers, tracksuit bottoms, trackie bottoms 
  15. swimsuit – swimming costume
  16. undershirt – vest 
  17. underwear, underpants – pants, underpants, underwear 
  18. vest – waistcoat 
  19. vest, puffer vest – bodywarmer, gilet
  20. galoshes, rain boots – wellington boots, wellies

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25 Mar 2021
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