Word for Wednesday: Shirt

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Our March Word for Wednesday theme is clothes

The word clothes comes from the Old English ‘claðas’ meaning ‘garments’. ‘Claðas’ is also the plural of ‘clað’ meaning ‘cloth’.

Our first word of the month is shirt

A shirt is a garment worn on the upper half of the body, typically with a collar and buttons down the front. Shirts—especially those worn by women—are sometimes also called blouses

Shirt comes from the Old English ‘scyrte’ which means ‘skirt’ or ‘tunic’. ‘Scyrte’ comes from the Proto-Germanic ‘skuryjon’ meaning ‘a short garment’, from the PIE root ‘sker’ meaning ‘to cut’. 

Blouse dates to 1828 and comes from the French word ‘blouse’ meaning ‘workman or peasant’s smock’. 

03 Mar 2021
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