6 Spellzone Segments to Engage Young Spellers

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  1. 3 Word Lists for the Month

    Tune in with your class each month for our latest spelling lists, including vocabulary for special occasions, weird and wonderful words, loanwords from other languages, and more. Use every word list in a variety of online and offline spelling activities
  2. Word for Wednesday: Tricky Spelling Words

    We’ve been sharing interesting etymologies and useful example sentences for 10 years in our Word for Wednesday segment, looking at festive words, frightening words, funny words, and everything in-between. Join us each week for quick tips for spelling tricky words.
  3. Commonly Confused Words

    Accept or except? Allowed or aloud? Fewer or less? Now in its 9th year, our Commonly Confused Words segment shares quick and easy spelling hacks to help young spellers remember the difference between similar-sounding words.
  4. 10 Words for…

    Our 10 Words... segment helps spellers expand their vocabulary. Each post takes a common word and offers 10 alternatives along with example sentences and bonus word lists to ensure plenty of practice. 
  5. A Comprehensive List of English Idioms

    What does needle in a haystack mean? What about tip of the iceberg? Encourage young spellers to express themselves in creative ways with our posts on popular idioms and their literal translations.
  6. American English vs. British English

    Learn how English is used in other parts of the world! Spellzone covers both American English and British English – tune into this segment to explore different words used to describe the same thing and common spelling differences. 

16 Feb 2023
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Teacher, International School, Geneva