3 Word Lists for February 2023

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There are thousands of word lists on Spellzone which you can adapt to suit your classroom needs and use in a variety of online and offline activities.

Here are our three spelling lists for February:

  1. Words ending in 'gle'.

    This month’s spelling pattern is words ending in 'gle'. The /g l/ sound at the end of these words is usually spelled 'gle'. Learn more about this spelling pattern in Unit 26 - Word endings: -le, and exceptions e.g. -al-el-ol.
  2. Astronomy

    Our Vocabulary Lists tab includes spelling lists themed around different subject areas. How many of these starry words can you spell? Why not practise them in our out-of-this-world Asteroids spelling game?
  3. 10 Pet Names for Valentine's Day

    It’s not long until Valentine’s Day – how many of these pet names for loved ones do you know? Learn more about these words in thia 10 Words blog post with a twist.

Learn how to use these lists in a lesson plan.

02 Feb 2023
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