Boost Your Vocabulary: 15 Sentence Starters to Demonstrate Cause and Effect in Writing

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When you are writing, the words you choose to begin a sentence are really important. The right words will give you the power to connect different ideas and show your reader what to expect.

Last week, we looked shared sentence starters you can use to introduce, expand on, or illustrate and idea.  Here are 15 sentence starters that demonstrate a cause-and-effect relationship between two ideas:

  1. Accordingly
    She diligently studied spelling rules every day. Accordingly, her spelling skills improved significantly.
  2. As a consequence 
    As a consequence of his persistent efforts in English language classes, he improved his English and earned top grades.
  3. As a result
    She practised daily. As a result, she made remarkable progress in spelling.
  4. Because
    Because of her interest in language, she excelled in English grammar.
  5. Consequently
    He neglected to proofread his essay. Consequently, it was riddled with spelling mistakes.
  6. Due to
    Due to the complexity of the English language, many students find it overwhelming.
  7. For this reason
    We want to communicate our message in clear way. For this reason, proper punctuation is essential.
  8. Hence
    He studies hard and practices daily. Hence, he has a strong command of the English language which is evident in his essays.
  9. In response to
    In response to student requests, the teacher scheduled extra spelling lessons.
  10. Since
    Since she started planning her work, her writing has improved considerably.
  11. Subsequently
    I practised my spellings each night before bed. Subsequently, I did well in my test. 
  12. Thanks to
    Thanks to her dedication and perseverance, she became proficient in English spelling.
  13. Therefore
    He reviewed spelling rules attentively. Therefore, his writing improved and he got better marks at school.
  14. Thus
    She practiced daily and paid attention to her mistakes. Thus her spelling skills flourished and she became a confident writer.
  15. Under the circumstances
    Under the circumstances
    , with tight deadlines and heavy workloads, it is essential to avoid mistakes by paying attention to details.


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18 Oct 2023
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