20 Idioms about Air

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1.    a breath of fresh air – a refreshing change 
2.    airhead – a foolish person
3.    as light as air – very light 
4.    castles in the air – daydreams, unattainable aspirations  
5.    dead air – a period when no material is transmitted on television or radio due to a signal interruption
6.    hot air – empty talk intended to impress 
7.    in the air – collectively felt my multiple people  
8.    on/off the air – on/off radio or television
9.    out in the open air – in public 
10.  to air one’s dirty laundry – to share private information publicly 
11.   to appear out of/disappear into thin air – to suddenly materialise/disappear 
12.   to clear the air – to defuse a tense situation through conversation 
13.   to come up for air – to pause while doing something, to take a break
14.   to dance on air – to feel joyous, to be in a very good mood
15.   to float on air – to feel joyous, to be in a very good mood
16.   to get some fresh air – to go outside
17.   to give yourself airs – to behave snobbishly 
18.   to walk on air – to feel joyous, to be in a very good mood
19.   up in the air – unresolved, undecided 
20.   with one’s nose in the air – haughtily, superiorly 

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03 Oct 2019
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