2021 Round-up

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Site Updates 

  • All users can play our new spelling games. Help decode an enemy message in Codebreaker. Enter the temple and test your spelling skill in Mayan Temple.
  • All users can now personalise their profile by adding an avatar.
  • Students can now work their way from a Spelling Newbie to a Spelling Grandmaster by earning points. 
  • A new on-page prompt will remind students to use the Learn the Words practice activities. 
  • A new summary page will go over what has been taught in each unit. 
  • Classes can now compete for the top spot in the new Classes League Table.
    Contact us to organise a closed league for an LEA or Academy Trust.
  • Teachers can now set multiple activities in one task by choosing an activity then clicking on the + icon to add another. 
  • Teachers can now monitor how confident students feel about each unit in the Results section.
  • Schools with a subscription of 250+ students can now use Wonde Data Sync.


Word Lists 



          - How to adapt any word list for your lesson plan
          - How to use a word list in a multiplayer game 
          - How to find your student's Spellzone Score in 5 minutes
          - How to cross-reference your student’s course pathway with the National Curriculum
          - How to find out what spellings your students are struggling with 
          - End of term checklist for teachers
          - Writing top tips

Happy New Year!

31 Dec 2021
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"I love your course..... you explain so much that I didn't know, forgot, or wasn't taught."

Adult student, USA