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3 Word Lists for November 2021

  1. Words ending in 'ator'

    In this month’s spelling pattern word list, we’re looking at words ending in 'ator'.

    After the letters 'at', many words use 'or' to spell the weak vowel ending.

    Learn about 'ator' word endings in Unit 25 and practise spelling them in this word list.
  2. Fireworks

    To celebrate Diwali and Bonfire Night, we’ve chosen fireworks as our Word for Wednesday theme for November. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at the words: sparkler, fountain, Catherine wheel, and rocket. Practise these words and more firework-themed spellings here
  3. National Tree Week 

    November 27th marks the beginning of National Tree Week – the UK’s largest annual tree celebration. The event promotes the beginning of tree-planting season by bringing people across the country together to celebrate and plant trees. Read more about National Tree Week here and practise spelling tree words here.


01 Nov 2021
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