American English vs. British English: The School Edition

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This month’s American English vs. British English blog post theme is school

Click here to read an overview of the main differences between American English and British English spelling, and here for more detailed information.

Here are 25 American English school-themed words and their British English counterparts:

  1. break – holidays 
  2. cafeteria – canteen 
  3. college – university 
  4. elementary school – primary school, junior school 
  5. eraser – rubber 
  6. exclamation point – exclamation mark
  7. faculty – staff 
  8. freshman (college) – fresher (university)
  9. grade, point – mark 
  10. high school – secondary school, college
  11. homeroom – form room, registration 
  12. junior (college) – third year (university)
  13. math – maths 
  14. period (punctuation) – full stop (punctuation)
  15. principal – headteacher 
  16. private school – public school 
  17. public school – state school
  18. quiz – test 
  19. recess – playtime, break 
  20. schedule – timetable 
  21. semester – term 
  22. senior (college) – final year (university)
  23. sophomore (college) – second year (university), 
  24. teachers’ lounge – staff room
  25. test – exam

How many more can you think of?

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20 May 2021
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Sarah Taggart, Oasis Academy Lord's Hill