Word for Wednesday: Acrostic

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March 21 marked World Poetry Day and to celebrate we’ve chosen poetry for this month’s Word for Wednesday theme.
The word poetry dates to the late-fourteenth century and comes from the Old French ‘poetrie’, from the Latin ‘poeta’. 

Over March, we’ve looked at the words sonnetlimerickvillanelle, and haiku. Our final word of the month is acrostic

An acrostic is a poem in which the first letters of each line form a word. The word acrostic dates to the 1580s and comes from the medieval Latin ‘acrostichis’, from the Greek ‘akrostikhis’. ‘Akrostikhis’ comes from ‘akros’ meaning ‘at the end’ or ‘outermost’ and ‘stikhos’ meaning ‘row’ or ‘line’. 

30 Mar 2022
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