Fifty Idioms to Describe People: Part 2

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26)    made of sterner stuff – to have a strong character, to possess the ability to easily overcome problems
27)    nice as pie – very nice
28)    not a hair out of place – very neat and tidy
29)    pie-eyed – drunk
30)    proud as a peacock – very proud
31)    quick tempered – someone who easily becomes angry
32)    rough diamond – someone of good character but who doesn’t necessarily have what’s considered the right schooling or manners
33)    set in one’s ways – reliant on a routine, reluctant to change 
34)    shrinking violet – a (comically) shy person
35)    significant other – a person that someone is engaged in a romantic relationship with
36)    silver-tongued – a persuasive speaker, a good liar 
37)    sitting duck – an easy target 
38)    sleeping partner – a partner in a firm who doesn’t take a share in the workload
39)    smart alec – an irritating person who behaves as though they know everything 
40)    social butterfly – someone who is very comfortable in social setting, someone who attends many social events 
41)    square peg in a round hole – someone who is in a situation which is unsuited to their abilities
42)    straight as an arrow – honest, genuine, trustworthy, morally upright
43)    thin on top – bald 
44)    top dog – someone who is successful in their field
45)    tough as nails/old boots – strong, very resilient 
46)    tough cookie – someone who is physically and emotionally strong, someone who is ambitious 
47)    whistle blower – someone who informs on a person or company to expose immoral or unlawful behaviour 
48)    whiz kid – a young person who is extremely talented at something 
49)    worth one’s weight in gold – someone who is extremely useful or helpful 
50)    yellow-bellied – cowardly 

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10 Jun 2019
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