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Fifty Idioms to Describe People: Part 1

1)    apple of your eye – the person someone most loves/cherishes/admires
2)    armchair critic – someone who comments on or criticises something they don’t know very much about
3)    bad egg – a bad influence/someone who brings trouble
4)    behind the times – out of date, unaware of the latest ideas or technology 
5)    big cheese – an important person
6)    big fish in a small pond – someone who is important within a small/limited field
7)    born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth – born into wealth or importance 
8)    cat’s pyjamas – an excellent person or thing, of the highest quality 
9)    chip off the old block – someone who is like their parent in appearance or behaviour 
10)  class act – someone who is impressive and stylish (or, when used ironically, someone who is not)
11)   cog in the machine – an insignificant member of a huge organisation or system
12)   dark horse – someone who is unexpectedly successful at something
13)   down to earth – practical, realistic, easy to get on with
14)   eager beaver – keen and hardworking
15)   face like thunder – an extremely angry expression
16)   fat cat – someone who is wealthy, powerful, and/or important 
17)   fresh as a daisy – healthy, energetic, youthful 
18)   full of beans – energetic, in high spirits 
19)   going places – becoming successful 
20)   happy-go-lucky – cheerful, easy-going, unconcerned about the future
21)   hard as nails – very touch 
22)   heads and shoulders above – superior to 
23)   high and mighty – someone ho behaves as though they are better than others 
24)   holier-than-thou – someone who behaves as though they are morally superior to others
25)   jack of all trades – someone who is competent at many different types of work 

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27 May 2019
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