3 Word Lists for November 2022

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  1. Words ending in 'cle'

    The /k l/ sound at the end of a word can spelled 'cle', especially if the word has more than two syllables. Practise this spelling pattern in Unit 26.
  2. 10 Words for... COLD

    Here in the UK, the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. Why not practise spelling these cold-weather words in our new Cool Spelling game? Listen to the words and then collect the icicles to spell them. Watch out for enemies!
  3. -ey words

    How many of these -ey words can you spell?

    Although the letter y is usually used to spell the long /e/ sound at the end of a word, in these rulebreakers the letters -ey are used instead.

    You can practise these words in our new Monkey Business game. Don’t get bitten by a crocodile as you collect the letters in the right order!

01 Nov 2022
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Sarah Taggart, Oasis Academy Lord's Hill