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25 Idioms about Earth

1.    down to earth – unpretentious, practical, realistic 
2.    earth to someone – used to get someone’s attention
3.    earth-shattering – important, shocking, traumatic
4.    from the ground up – completely, from top to bottom 
5.    heaven on earth – a pleasant/enjoyable place or situation, somewhere that feels like paradise 
6.    hell on earth – an extremely unpleasant place or situation
7.    how/what/when/where/who/why on earth? – used for emphasis when asking a question 
8.    like nothing on earth – very strange/unusual, like nothing else
9.    on the ground – where the real, practical work is being done
10.  salt of the earth – someone/a group of people who is/are kind, reliable, and honest 
11.  stomping/stamping ground – a regular haunt, somewhere someone spends a lot of time
12.  the face of the earth – anywhere (used for emphasis)
13.  to break (new/fresh) ground – to do something innovative, to discover something 
14.  to bring someone back to earth – to pull someone out of excitement or a daydream 
15.  to come down to earth – to return to reality after excitement or a daydream
16.  to cost the earth – to cost a lot of money
17.  to disappear/vanish off the face of the earth – used to emphasise the disappearance of someone or something
18.  to earth up – to dig up/discover 
19.  to gain/lose/make up ground – to gain/lose/make up an advantage in a competitive situation 
20.  to get (something) off the ground – to start something
21.  to go to earth/ground – to go into hiding for a long time, to make yourself inaccessible for a long time
22.  to go to the ends of the earth for – to put a lot of effort into helping someone/getting something done
23.  to hold/stand your ground – to refuse to give in/retreat 
24.  to move heaven and earth for – to put a lot of effort into helping someone/getting something done
25.  to run/work yourself into the ground – to run/work until you are exhausted 


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14 Nov 2019
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