Word for Wednesday: Farfalle

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Our Word for Wednesday theme for April is pasta

Made from a durum wheat dough which is shaped and boiled, pasta dishes originate in Italy and are now enjoyed all over the world. Though the word pasta has been used in English since 1874, it didn't become common until after the second world war. The literal translation of the Italian word pasta is ‘paste’. 

So far we’ve looked at the words spaghetti and pappardelle. This week’s word is farfalle

Farfalle are pinched in the middle, have scalloped edges, and come in a variety of sizes and colours. Larger farfalle are known as farfalloni and smaller farfalle are known as farfalline. These fun pasta shapes originate in Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna and have been eaten since the sixteenth century. Usually, they are served with a tomato or cream sauce. 

The word farfalle is Italian for 'butterflies'. In Emilia-Romagna farfalle are also known as strichetti, which is the local word for ‘bow ties’.

20 Apr 2022
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