Idioms about Science and Technology

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  1. a cog in the machine – an insignificant member of a huge organisation or system
  2. a well-oiled machine – an organisation that operates smoothly
  3. acid test – a test of something’s value or success
  4. as bright as a button – very intelligent
  5. bells and whistles – extra features and trimmings
  6. cutting edge – advanced and innovative
  7. in tune with – in agreement or harmony with someone or something
  8. it’s not rocket science – it’s not difficult
  9. on the ball – alert
  10. on the same wavelength – to be in agreement/to have similar views and ideas
  11. to blow a fuse – to lose your temper
  12. to button your lip – to stay quiet
  13. to get your wires crossed – to have a misunderstanding
  14. to have something down to a science – to have perfected something through routine and repetition
  15. to hit the panic button – to panic or take emergency measures
  16. to know what makes someone tick – to know what motivates someone
  17. to pull the plug – to prevent something from continuing or happening
  18. to push someone’s buttons – to provoke someone
  19. to reinvent the wheel – to waste time and effort creating something that already exists
  20. to run out of steam – to lose enthusiasm

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30 May 2017
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