Commonly Confused Words: Right vs. Rite vs. Write

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What does each word mean?

If someone is right about something (rather than wrong), it means they are correct about it. If something is to the right (rather than the left), it means it is on the south side of something that is facing east. If someone has the right to something, it means they are entitled to it.

Here is right used in some example sentences:

  • I got all the answers right in the spelling test.
  • The plates are in the cupboard on the right.
  •  We have the right to vote.   

Look up right in the Spellzone dictionary.

A rite is a ceremony or observance which is often relgious in nature.

Here is rite used in some example sentences:

  • The priest administered the last rites.
  • The ceremony is based on an ancient rite.
  • The rites of passage in Sanskrit philosophy are known as samskara.

Look up rite in the Spellzone dictionary.

If you write something, it means you mark letters, words, or symbols on a surface (such as paper) to communicate something.

Here is write used in some example sentences:

  • Do you write by hand or do you prefer to type?
  • He writes his answers neatly.
  • I would like to write a book.

Look up write in the Spellzone dictionary

Occasionally you may also come across the word wright which is an old word for a maker or a builder, for example a playwright or a shipwright.

Are there any tricks to help remember the difference these words?

  • Pronounce the silent g in right to help you remember its spelling.
  • Rite is another word for ritual – both words start with the letters rit.
  • Think of the question ‘what are you writing?’ to help you remember write begins with a w.
  • Think of a playwright writing plays to help you remember a wright is a maker or builder.

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15 Sep 2022
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