Word for Wednesday: Cappuccino

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Our Word for Wednesday theme for June is coffee

Coffee is made by roasting and grinding coffee beans and creating an infusion. The word coffee entered English around 1600 via the Dutch ‘koffie’, which comes from the Turkish ‘kahveh', from the Arabic ‘qahwah’.

Last week we looked at the word espresso and today’s word is cappuccino

A cappuccino is made by topping an espresso with hot frothed milk. In Italian, the word cappuccino is the diminutive of ‘cappuccio’ meaning ‘hood’ (from the Latin ‘caputium’ – where we also get the word ‘cap’ from). The name doesn't come from ‘hood’ of frothed milk the tops the drink, but from the supposed resemblance between the drink’s colour and the red-brown of the hooded robes worn by capuchin monks and nuns. 

09 Jun 2021
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