10 Writing Mistakes to Avoid this Christmas

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One week until Christmas Eve! 

Watch out for these 10 common writing mistakes this festive season:

  1. Bough
    Make sure you’re decking your halls with boughs of holly and not bows
  2. Deer
    If you’re writing about the animals that pull Santa’s sleigh, use deer not dear. 
  3. Frankincense
    What a tricky word to spell! Pay attention to the ‘i’, the ‘c’, and the ‘s’. 
  4. Mistletoe 
    Don’t get caught out by silent letters – watch out for the sneaky ‘t’ in the word mistletoe.
  5. Myrrh
    Do you find frankincense or myrrh harder to spell? Watch out for the ‘y’ and the ‘rr’ in the middle of this word. 
  6. Rein
    Santa uses reins to control his reindeer. Don’t confuse this word with rain or reign
  7. Santa Claus
    As Santa Claus is a name, it needs capital letters. Make sure you don’t confuse Claus with the word ‘clause’ – no ‘e’ necessary!
  8. Sleigh
    Santa delivers presents in a sleigh not a slay.
  9. Turkey 
    You don’t need a capital letter in turkey if you’re writing about the bird (but use one if you mean the country). Don’t forget the ‘e’ towards the end of the word too.
  10. Your family’s name! 
    Don’t use an apostrophe when you’re using your surname to describe your family as a whole. You card should say Greetings from the Smiths, not Greetings from the Smith’s.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

17 Dec 2020
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