Make the Most of Spellzone in 2018

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Is your New Year’s resolution to improve your spelling? Here are three tips to help you make the most of your Spellzone subscription:

  1. Take the Spellzone Spelling Ability Test
    Our Spelling Ability Test will help you work out a base spelling level and provide you with a tailored version of the course depending on your results and any gaps in your knowledge - your personal Course Pathway.

    You will be tested on the spellings of a series of words which will get progressively more difficult. Each word that appears in the test relates to a course unit and the test will finish once you spell a set percentage of words incorrectly. You will then be given a baseline Spellzone Score to help you track your progress and achievements. You will be retested after every eight course units completed and the test results will tell you if you need to retake any units and which units to move onto next.

    You can find out more about the Spelling Ability Test here.
  2. Work through your personal Course Pathway
    Once we have worked out your personal Course Pathway, you will be ready to work though the Spellzone course. The Spellzone course units will take you through the various English spelling rules and their exceptions. At the end of each unit, there is an interactive test.

    As long as you have your username and password, you can work through your Course Pathway on any device that connects to the internet. This means you that you can access your account from home even if it has been set up for you by your school, university, or workplace. If your New Year’s resolution is to work on your spelling, we recommend using Spellzone as regularly as your schedule allows. Challenge yourself to study your Course Pathway for a set number of minutes each day or commit to completing a set number of units each month.
  3. Personalise Spellzone to Suit Your Needs
    The Spellzone word list feature is a great way to adapt Spellzone to suit your needs. You can use all word lists with two testing methods: Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check and Listen and Spell as well in six spelling games and as printable worksheets. You can find out more about how to use these to improve your spelling here.

    While we already have a huge collection of existing word lists – in a wide array of subjects – the best way to make sure you’re practising the vocabulary most relevant to your subject or field is to create your own lists.

    The following word lists, for example, are very useful for students who are studying Shakespeare:

Click here to find out more about Spellzone word lists and here to learn how to create your own.

We hope these tips will help you make the most of Spellzone in 2018 – please let us know if you have any questions. Happy New Year!

09 Jan 2018
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"Spellzone is incredibly easy to access and caters for a wide range of abilities, which means you can use it throughout the school at a range of levels, making it fantastic value for money as a learning resource."

Anne Shisler, SENCO, City of London School for Girls