Spellzone February Round-Up

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Happy Leap Day!

Here’s our February Round-Up: 

- This month’s pair of Commonly Confused Words were complement and compliment. Not sure the difference? Click here for tips and tricks to help you tell them apart.

- With Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of the month, what word could we choose for our 10 Words feature but love? Whether you’re looking to describe romantic love, familial love, or platonic love; we’ve got the word for you. 

- This month we also returned to our Idioms series with a list of idioms about thought and memory. Can you think of any others? 

- Does Spring still feel too far away? Get yourself ready with our new Springtime Spelling game. Make sure you turn your sound on!

- Did you know that eight of our spelling games now have a multiplayer option? If you’re using Spellzone in a classroom, why not log in at the same time as a friend and try it out? 

- In this month’s Word for Wednesday blog posts we celebrated World Radio Day and International Mother Language Day. We looked at the connection between the word salary and the word salt. Finally, we looked at the history of the word idiom.


29 Feb 2020
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"Spellzone fits in beautifully with our Scope and Sequence of Phonological Awareness and Spelling. It also aligns perfectly with the four areas of spelling knowledge and uses the Brain, Ears, Eyes approach to learning spelling."
Thank you!

Teacher, Australia