Word for Wednesday: E.g.

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Our Word for Wednesday theme for September is Latin expressions used in English.

Over September we've looked at the terms et cetera, de facto, and ad hoc. Our final Latin expression for the month is the 

E.g. is commonly used in English as an abbreviation for exempli gratia and means ‘for the sake of example’. 

Here is e.g. used in some example sentences:

  • The Spellzone course includes a range of spelling activities, e.g. word lists, spelling tests, word games.
  • There is likely to be a range of extreme weathers, e.g. rain, snow, and heavy wind.
  • We will be serving light snacks (e.g. sandwiches, crisps, and fruit) at the party.

The abbreviation e.g. has been used in English since the 1680s. 

28 Sep 2022
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