Word for Wednesday: Hammock

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In this instalment of summer-themed posts, we’ll be hanging out with the word Hammock.

hammock (n.): a hanging bed of canvas or rope netting (usually suspended between two trees); swings easily.

The hammock manifests across the world in many shapes and sizes, textures and titles and for many cultures, the hammock is preferable to a regular mattress for sleeping.

The word 'hammock' surfaced in the 1650s and has gone down swingingly ever since. It is derived from the 1550s Spanish word 'hamaca', and apparently the Haitian 'amaca' meaning ‘fish net’.

Most of us will have used them for relaxing in on a warm summer’s day. However, for many, hammocks are a practical necessity.

Take The Royal Navy for example. When sailing the high seas, hammocks offer balance, safety and space that no bed can match in rough waters. In jungles or forests hammocks are almost essential and modern designs are great at keeping out pesky (sometimes lethal!) critters.

That’s a wrap for now, here’s a quick picture of my office view today!

Hugh MacDermott

23 Jul 2014
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