5 Wintry Word Lists for the Christmas Season

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With the Christmas holidays approaching, you might not be feeling as focused on your spelling studies as usual. We don’t blame you – there’s nothing like a cozy evening in on a cold day. 

Why not try out our relaxing Spelling Snowball game to keep your spelling in shape? In the game, you click on snowflakes in the right order to spell out a word. While Spelling Snowball can be used with any word list (click on the football above the list to play), we’ve created five season-appropriate spelling lists for you to practise with. After all, if you have to work on your spelling, you might as feel festive while you’re doing it. 

Here are our 5 wintry word lists for the Christmas season: 

1)    Christmas Words

To get you started, here’s a range of Christmas-themed words to teach you about different traditions. If you are looking over the list before playing the game, don’t forget you can click on the speaker icon to hear each word read aloud. 

2)    Christmas Food and Drinks

From mince pies and mulled wine, to turkey and stuffing, to brussels sprouts; the Christmas season is about feasting. Many of the items on the list are specific to British Christmas experience – if you celebrate Christmas where you live, what special foods do you eat? We’d love to hear! 

3)   Characters from A Christmas Carol 

For some this book is a classic Christmas tale to read once a year while curled up in front of a roaring fire, for others it’s a GCSE coursework text. Whatever your reason for reading it, this list is perfect for getting your head around the how to spell each character’s name. You may also be interested in our post about Charles Dickens’s influence on the English language here

4)    Winter Words
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Whether or not the snow sticks to the ground this year, here in England we are sure to get plenty of wind and rain over the coming months. From blizzard, to flurries, to icicle; this list will teach you how to spell a variety cold-weather words.

5)  10 Words you only hear at Christmas 

From the tree ornaments, to mince pies, to that Slade song; there are something things that only come out at this time of year. This list was inspired by last year’s blog posts about words you only hear at Christmas. You can read part one here and part two here. Let’s see how many you remember to spell by next Christmas! 

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12 Dec 2019
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