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ll words

If a word ends in f, s, or l; double the last letter after a short vowel sound.

These examples look at words that end in ll. Say each word as you learn it. Can you hear the short vowel sound?

I attached a new bell to my bicycle.
I grazed my knuckles when I fell off my bike.
Jack had to sell the cow.
Can you smell burning?
The child refused to tell the truth.
She looks fit and well.
Fill the bath with hot water.
Cats often kill birds.
He's over 90 but his mind is still sharp.
I will miss you when you go away.
Jill gave her sister a doll on her birthday.
A male elephant is called a bull.
The sign on the door said pull.
Roll the ball to me.
Please wait while I make a call.
I don't want to fall off my bike.
We have a large mirror in our hall.
There was a small puff of smoke from the fire.
The giraffe was very tall.
Don't kick that ball over my wall.

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Learn about these words in Unit 2. Spelling the consonant sounds, Part 1

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