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Study the word list: Words ending in -ic

The /ik/ sound is spelled ick in words of one syllable but in longer words it is usually just ic .

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We have stored our old CDs in the attic.
There was panic when the ship started to sink.
Stop at the kerb and look for traffic.
The film was full of comic moments.
I need to pick up some pills from the clinic.
He needs to make drastic cuts in his spending.
The clown got up to some silly antics.
Food is one of our basic needs.
Classic cars can cost more than new ones.
He needs to make drastic cuts in his spending.
The North Pole is in the Arctic.
An electric plug goes in a socket.
The basketball player was very athletic.
Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic in 1927.
I did an aerobic workout at the gym today.
The actor made a dramatic speech.
There were many exotic fish in the tank.
Dyslexic people find spelling hard but have many other talents.

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