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Study the word list: ke and ki words

To spell the hard /k/ sound before e and i most words use the letter k . This is because ce and ci make the soft sound /s/.

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The flames of the fire kept us warm.
Put the kettle on for coffee.
Some dogs live outside in a kennel.
I have misplaced my door key again.
John likes ketchup on his food.
Skeletal muscle attaches to and moves the skeleton. *
Kate drew a sketch of her brother.
That pretty little kitten is so cute.
A dishwasher is a kitchen appliance.
To kidnap someone is to take them against their will.
In my body I have two kidneys.
A bright blue kingfisher sits on a branch.
Sebaceous glands provide oil for skin and hair.
I tore my skirt on a nail.
Take care not to skid on the ice.
The artist works with much skill.

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