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Sion is a letter combination that appears at the end of many words in English. These words often indicate actions, processes, or states.

Sion words can be pronounced in two ways:

- /ʒən/ (as in vision, pronounced with a buzzing sound like vee-zhuhn)
- /ʃən/ (as in extension, pronounced with a sh sound like ex-ten-shuhn). -

The words in this list are all pronounced with a buzzing sound. Don’t forget you can click on the speaker icons, or use the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check and Listen and Spell activities, to hear what these sion words sound like. Say each word aloud – can you hear the buzzingsound?

explosion The bomb caused an explosion.
evasion We were all impressed by his evasion of all questions.
invasion We read about the invasion in the newspaper.
occasion We will commemorate the occasion with a party.
persuasion She needed all her powers of persuasion to get him to agree with her.
adhesion The glue offered good adhesion.
erosion The erosion of land caused concern for those living near the coast.
corrosion The acid caused corrosion.
collision Cars are designed to crumple in a collision.
decision The decision to move was agreeable.
vision His vision began to blur.
division Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are mathematical operations.
provision When planning a road, provision should be made for cyclists.
television I like to watch television.
conclusion I came to the conclusion that they were wrong.
illusion The magician performed an illusion trick.
intrusion He felt it was an intrusion of his privacy.
profusion There was a rich profusion of flowers at the show.

Learn more about these words in Unit 28. Word endings: -tion, -cian, -sion

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