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Study the word list: After n use tion or sion

After the letter n the sh´n ending can be spelled either tion or sion.

Word list: After n use tion or sion

mention Did I mention I'm going on holiday next week?
attention The monotonous lecturer failed to keep the students' attention.
convention We have a convention at work next week.
intention I have every intention of improving my spelling.
invention The storyteller was a master of invention.
prevention They were raising funds for the treatment and prevention of cancer.
pension Every month she moved money into her savings and pension fund.
tension There was tension in the air.
extension We are building an extension to our house.
expansion The planned expansion of the shopping centre was met with resistance.
dimension The dimension of the space was wrong for the sofa he wanted to buy.
suspension The cars travelled over the suspension bridge.
apprehension He felt sick with apprehension.
comprehension Exams test your comprehension of a subject.

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