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Study the word list: Words ending in tion

Words that end in tion are common in English and are usually nouns.

These words are formed by adding the ending tion to a base word. Understanding the base words can help you grasp the meanings of words ending in tion.

For example:

1. Imagine + tion = Imagination.
Imagination refers to the ability to create mental images or ideas.

2. Organise + tion = Organisation.
An organisation is a structured group of people working together towards common goals.

3. Ambitious + tion = Ambition.
Ambition represents a strong desire or goal to achieve something significant or succeed in a specific area.

Try these spelling activities to strengthen your vocabulary and language skills.

nation We must learn from our history to become a better nation.
operation I went to hospital for an operation.
relation Perspective is to see things in relation to other things.
situation We need to assess this situation before we continue.
translation The joke was lost in translation.
imagination She had a vivid imagination.
organisation British English spelling A charity is a non-profit organisation.
ambition His life ambition was to become a painter.
position He has an advisory position in a large company.
pollution Air pollution is bad in many cities.
revolution She hoped to spark a revolution.
solution We made a simple solution of sugar and water.
attraction There was an obvious attraction between the couple.
affection He showed a great deal of affection to her.
correction He made a correction to his exam paper.
fiction Do you prefer to read fiction or information books?
construction The tower was a unique construction.
introduction She often skipped the introduction when reading novels.
caution They approached the dog with caution.
option She weighed up the pros and cons of each option.

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