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Sion is a letter combination that appears at the end of many words in English. These words often indicate actions, processes, or states.

Sion words can be pronounced in two ways:

- /ʒən/ (as in vision, pronounced with a buzzing sound like vee-zhuhn)
- /ʃən/ (as in extension, pronounced with a sh sound like ex-ten-shuhn). -

The words in this list are all pronounced with a buzzing sound. Don’t forget you can click on the speaker icons, or use the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check and Listen and Spell activities, to hear what these sion words sound like. Say each word aloud – can you hear the buzzingsound?

Spelling games

Free games

Autumn AnagramAutumn Anagram
A spelling game for Autumn!

Word search Word Search, small
The classic English word game.
Print version

Against the clock Against the Clock
Spelling 'against the clock'.

Mayan Temple spelling gameMayan Temple
Try the temple spelling puzzle.

Monkey Business spelling gameMonkey Business
It's bananas!

Pattern recognition games Pattern recognition games are anagram based games designed to help identify and memorise the sequence of letters within a word.

Fishy Business spelling gameFishy Business
A fishy game that bites!

Rain spelling gameRain Drops
A spelling game for a rainy day.

Chick spelling gameEgg Hunt
Crack the eggs!

Asteroids spelling gameAsteroids
Out of this world spelling game!

Bouncing Anagram spelling gameBouncing Anagram
A lively anagram spelling game.

Bouncing Anagram Extreme spelling gameBouncing Anagram Extreme
An extreme anagram game!

Problem solving games Problem solving games help with word and letter pattern recognition and proofreading skills.

Wild West spelling gameWild West
Get off your horse and spell.

Which Witch spelling gameWhich Witch
Hangman with a twist.

Word search Word Search, medium
The classic English word game.
Print version

Word search Word Search, large
The classic English word game.
Print version

Decode the enemy message.

Voice and vocabulary games Voice and vocabulary games help to strengthen the important link between the way words are spoken and written and introduce or reinforce vocabulary.

Bugs spelling gameSticky Bugs
Catch bugs to spell the words.

Spelling Bee spelling game Spelling Bee
A 'Spelling Bee' style game.

Cool Spelling game Cool Spelling
Chill Out!

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