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-ine with a long /e/ sound

In these words the final syllable is stressed and has a clear long /e/ sound. On the end of a word this sound is often spelled i>ine.

James wrote an article for the college magazine.
We could smell the chlorine as soon as we arrived at the pool.
There is a gasoline filling station one mile away.
I use a guillotine to cut my leaflets.
The machine operator is an expert at his work.
Some people prefer margarine to butter.
She wanted to be a marine biologist.
The warship fired on the enemy submarine.
Nicotine is extremely addictive.
The patients were kept in quarantine.
The ravine was deep.
After many years, she became bored of her daily routine.
The cat ate the sardine.
I can play the tambourine.
Would you like an apple or a tangerine?
The girl was bouncing higher and higher on the trampoline.
The doctor injected the child with a vaccine.

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