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-ain with a long /a/ sound

In these words the final syllable has a clear long /a/ sound

He chose to abstain from eating meat.
I have lost my door key again.
Were you able to ascertain the identity of the culprit?
I am trying to attain a qualification is customer service.
I'm going to complain about the awful smell.
A balanced diet should contain protein.
They could detain her without trial.
He looked at his brother with disdain.
My room is my domain and I go there for peace and quiet.
They hired a clown to entertain at the birthday party.
Please explain why you are late.
A car will last longer if you maintain it well.
Valentine worked very hard to obtain her degree.
Do you think the Catholic church will ever ordain women?
Please refrain from talking in the silent study area.
He tried to remain alert.
Please restrain your dog.
The man could not sustain working twelve hours a day.
The terrain was rocky.

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