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Study the word list: -ture words - set 2

In these words the final syllable has a weak sound, a bit like /cher/. This sound is usually spelled ture. These words have 3 or 4 syllables:

Word list: -ture words - set 2

adventure Our trip ended up being quite the adventure.
departure The plane's departure was delayed due to fog.
furniture All the furniture was damaged in the flood.
miniature She collected miniature trains.
signature The document is not valid without a signature.
agriculture The area was dependent on its agriculture.
horticulture The outdoor exhibition displayed developments in horticulture over the last hundred years.
literature The novel was considered a great work of literature.
manufacture The factory was famous for its manufacture of cars.
temperature There was a light breeze and the temperature was pleasant.

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Learn about these words in Unit 31. Word endings:-ture, -tain, ine

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