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Study the word list: Words ending in -dge

One way of spelling word with a long vowel sound is with a split digraph, for example a-e (like in cage).

In these -dge words, the addition of the letter d turns the long vowel sound at the start of the word into a short vowel sound. The letter d stops the vowel at the start of the word from saying its name.

badge She pinned her badge to her cardigan.
cadge How did you manage to cadge a lift in a taxi?
edge There is a sheer drop at the cliff edge.
dredge They started to dredge the river.
hedge This garden hedge grows very fast.
ledge The ledge was high up.
sledge My children love to sledge in the snow.
wedge She cut a wedge of lemon for her drink.
ridge You can see for miles from the mountain ridge.
dodge He had to dodge the ball quickly.
lodge The climbers found shelter in a lodge.
budge The door was stuck and wouldn't budge.
fudge The boy ordered a chocolate fudge sundae.
grudge She tried not to hold a grudge.
judge The judge sent him to jail for a year.
nudge Mum tried to nudge her towards the right answer.
smudge My printer is leaving a black smudge on each page.
trudge The tired walkers will trudge the last mile home.
cartridge The soldier had one cartridge left in his rifle.

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