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Study the word list: gue on the end of a word

The letter u acts as a wall and stops the g from making its soft sound /j/.

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Fatigue is extreme tiredness.
The court heard a dramatic story of intrigue.
The football team reached the premier league. *
In the bible Egypt suffered a plague of locusts.
That man is nothing more than a rogue.
My dog's tongue is always out of his mouth. *
I have a vague idea I have seen her before.
If something is in vogue, it is in fashion.
catalogue British English spelling
Please send me a copy of your catalogue.
dialogue British English spelling
There could be no agreement without further dialogue.
epilogue British English spelling
An epilogue could be a short speech at the end of a play.
monologue British English spelling
The actor's monologue lasted for over an hour.
Jewish people worship in a synagogue.
John was her colleague at work.

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