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The -tial ending

In these words the sound /sh l/ is spelled tial.

There was a huge flood because of the torrential rain.
Some new circumstantial evidence proved the defendant guilty.
The meeting was confidential.
The consequential damage from the earthquake was vast.
The certificate was a good credential to have.
A raincoat will be essential for the school trip.
The judge was impartial.
Some of the guests at the party are very influential.
My initial reaction was amazement.
We will be attending their nuptial celebrations this week.
After living in one room as a student, her new flat felt palatial to her.
Did you see the partial eclipse of the moon?
He has lots of potential to succeed.
They were offered preferential interest rates.
It seemed providential that her friend would walk past with an umbrella just as it began to rain.
It was the quintessential movie of the year.
They are decorating out residential block soon.
The process involves several sequential steps.
When playing hockey, it is important to have spatial awareness.
Her inheritance was quite substantial.

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