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Study the word list: The -cial ending

In these words the sound /sh l/ is spelled cial.

artificial The new football ground used artificial grass.
beneficial Exercise is beneficial to your health.
commercial Christmas has become a commercial holiday.
crucial They reached a crucial stage in a project.
facial The drawings captured his facial expressions perfectly.
financial They consulted a financial expert.
glacial The melting of glacial ice in the Arctic is a major concern.
judicial A judicial enquiry would take place.
official She was required to attend many official engagements.
prejudicial The changes to university housing were considered prejudicial to student life.
provincial Many people moved from provincial areas to larger cities.
racial People of many different racial and ethnic backgrounds live in this diverse city.
sacrificial Sacrificial offerings were placed on the alter.
special As it was a special occasion, they were allowed to leave school early.
social We had a social gathering to celebrate the event.
superficial His knowledge on the subject was superficial.

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