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Study the word list: Words ending in ery

In these words the weak vowel sound before y is spelled with the letters er, making the ending ery.

Word list: Words ending in ery

archery The princess excelled at archery.
artery The main artery carries blood from the heart.
battery The car battery has run dry.
celery He doesn't like celery in a salad.
cemetery The dead are buried in a cemetery.
crockery Plates, cups and saucers are known as crockery.
cutlery The maid polished the silver cutlery.
every Jack goes swimming every Saturday.
forgery The banknote was a forgery.
gallery The art gallery has a new exhibition.
lottery He thought he had a clever scheme to win the lottery.
machinery The salesman went on to demonstrate the machinery.
misery His death caused the family great misery.
mystery I enjoy reading mystery stories.
nursery We hope to vaccinate all babies in this nursery.
scenery The scenery is dull and uninteresting.
slavery Slavery did not end with abolition in the 19th century, but continues to harm people in every country in the world.
surgery I needed surgery to remove my appendix.
treachery She was accused of treachery.
trickery We were amazed by the entertainer's trickery.

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