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Words ending in or

These words spell the weak vowel ending with the letters or. Please note: these words have the American English spelling.

armor American English spelling
The knight wore heavy armor.
clamor American English spelling
There was a clamor from the crowd at the bad news.
endeavor American English spelling
I will endeavor to win at all costs.
flavor American English spelling
This ice cream has a great flavor.
glamor American English spelling
Many actors are attracted by the glamor of Hollywood.
harbor American English spelling
Fishing boats shelter in the harbor.
honor American English spelling
He hoped the service would honor the memory of his father.
humor American English spelling
She has a wicked sense of humor.
labor American English spelling
The company relies on labor from other countries.
neighbor American English spelling
My neighbor makes too much noise.
odor American English spelling
Bad eggs have a dreadful odor.
rumor American English spelling
I heard a rumor that some people will lose their jobs.
savor American English spelling
I want to savor every moment.
splendor American English spelling
The splendor of the palace was amazing.
valor American English spelling
He was given a medal for his valor.
vapor American English spelling
Clouds are made from water vapor.
vigor American English spelling
He approached his task with vigor.
behavior American English spelling
Her behavior was very rude.

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