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Words ending in lar

After the letter l many words use ar to spell the weak vowel ending.

We have fitted a new burglar alarm on our property.
Paige marked her birthday on the calendar.
The dog wore a named collar.
Can you change a $50 dollar bill?
We found a caterpillar crawling on a twig.
We were diverted on a long circular route.
I am visiting the dentist to get a molar extracted.
Polar bears are adapted to live in a cold environment.
She was a scholar at Oxford.
The energy used in this house is from the solar panels.
The athlete was very muscular.
I like that dress in particular.
Walking is a popular form of exercise.
A shoe box is rectangular in shape.
There is a regular bus to York.
A solar eclipse is a spectacular sight.
The village green is triangular in shape.
Our house is a similar design to yours.

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