Spelling list: -ine with a long /e/ sound

In these words the final syllable is stressed and has a clear long /e/ sound. On the end of a word this sound is often spelled i>ine.

magazine A magazine is a publication that is issued regularly containing articles, reports and competitions. *
chlorine Chlorine gas is very dangerous.
guillotine French criminals were sent to the guillotine.
machine This washing machine is the latest model.
margarine Some people prefer margarine to butter. *
submarine We all live in a yellow submarine. *
quarantine Animals from abroad must go into quarantine.
ravine The climber fell into a steep-sided ravine.
routine After many years, she became bored of her daily routine.
tambourine I can play the tambourine. *
trampoline The girl was bouncing higher and higher on the trampoline. *

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