Spelling list: After n use tion or sion

After the letter n the sh'n ending can be spelled either tion or sion.

mention Did I mention that it's my birthday next week?
attention Please give this task your immediate attention.
convention The convention took place in Europe.
invention There are many great inventions. *
prevention Prevention is better than cure.
pension Your wage slip shows how much you have left after pension and tax payments are deducted. *
tension In physics, tension is the pulling force exerted by a string, cable, chain, or similar solid object on another object. *
extension We are building an extension to our house.
expansion A plumber must understand how expansion is catered for in water systems. *
dimension The room was the wrong dimension.
suspension The cars travelled over the suspension bridge.
apprehension He thought about the interview with apprehension.
comprehension Exams test your comprehension of a subject.

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