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Study the word list: Characters in Frankenstein

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Word list: Characters in Frankenstein

Kirwin Mr. Kirwin is the magistrate who accuses Victor of Henry’s murder.
Krempe M. Krempe is a professor of natural philosophy at Ingolstadt.
Waldman M. Waldman is the professor of chemistry who sparks Victor’s interest in science.
Peasants The monster learns how to speak and interact by observing the Peasants.
Caroline Caroline Beaufort is the daughter of Beaufort.
Moritz Justine Moritz is blamed and executed for William’s murder.
Justine Justine Moritz is a young girl adopted into the Frankenstein household.
William William Frankenstein is Victor’s youngest brother.
Clerval Henry Clerval is Victor’s boyhood friend.
Elizabeth Elizabeth Lavenza was adopted by the Frankensteins.
Lavenza Elizabeth Lavenza is an orphan, four to five years younger than Victor.
Alphonse Alphonse Frankenstein is Victor’s father.
Walton Robert Walton is the Arctic seafarer whose letters open and close the story.
Monster The monster is the creation of Victor Frankenstein.
Frankenstein Justine Moritz is a young girl adopted into the Frankenstein household.
Beaufort Beaufort is a merchant and friend of Victor’s father.
Victor The monster is the creation of Victor Frankenstein.

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