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Study the word list: Words starting with ci

Before the letter i the sound /s/ can be spelled with the letter c.

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She preferred cider to beer.
Cuba is famous for its cigars.
What films are showing at the cinema?
Cinnamon is often used when cooking curry.
cipher American English spelling
The intelligence team decoded the cipher easily.
I have a wide circle of friends.
We were diverted on a long circular route.
It took a while for the news to circulate.
I object to animals performing in a circus.
He was a citizen of the United States.
Limes and lemons are citrus fruits.
You must speak to others in a civil manner.
Someone not in the military is a civilian.
civilise British English spelling
We need to civilise these children.
Ancient Egypt was an early civilisation.

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Learn about these words in Unit 20. Soft c: ce, ci, cy

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