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Words starting with ce

Before the letter e the sound /s/ can be spelled with the letter c.

The troop of soldiers were told to cease fire immediately.
We've painted the ceiling white.
He doesn't like celery in a salad.
The bank was fairly central in the city.
He followed celebrity news.
We use a bucket for mixing our cement.
We visited the cemetery once a month.
A decade lasts for ten years while a century lasts for one hundred.
The centipede crawled on the leaf.
The government often takes a census of the population.
Wheat is an example of a cereal grain.
Will you be attending the opening ceremony?
Are you certain she is coming at two o'clock?
The college awarded me a certificate.
center American English spelling
There´s a tall tree at the center of the park.
centimeter American English spelling
I need to shorten my jeans by one centimeter.

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