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Study the word list: o-e words - set 1

A split digraph is when you add an e to the end of a word to spell a long vowel sound.

In these examples, the e at the end of the word turns the /o/ sound into a long /o/ sound.

Word list: o-e words - set 1

robe A kimono is a Japanese robe.
globe Climate change will affect people across the globe.
code The spy knew the secret code.
joke The joke was funny.
smoke The fire made lots of smoke.
stroke He won the golf match by one stroke.
stole He did not have a clue who stole his bike.
dome The mosque has a dome on the roof.
home The home team had the advantage.
bone Have you ever broken a bone?
stone His sculpture was carved from a block of stone.
hope I hope you come to my party.
slope She slid down the slope.
hose The hose spat out a jet of water.
vote Please vote for me to be school captain.
quote The news reporter asked to quote him.
stove The fire started to crackle in the stove.
froze The pipes froze and now they leak.
chose He chose to abstain from alcohol.

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Learn about these words in Unit 7. Long vowels e.g ee, ea or y? oa, o-e, or ow? u-e, ue, or ew?

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